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3 quick CRM tips that can save your Q2 sales

The end of the quarter is near. Your sales projections are looking way off. You’re losing sleep. You’re on the brink. Do you have a CRM? Good. Breathe. Don’t panic. You can do this. There’s still time to close those deals and turn Q2 around. Cloud strategist and CRM expert Jamie Lin will show you exactly how…

A CRM is a great way to organize your contacts and track your relationships, and you may be doing that now. Don’t stop there though, because it’s also a great way to track your opportunity pipeline. Why is this so important? Because it gives the management team visibility to a summary of opportunities, cash flow, and sales that are stuck in the pipeline.

A CRM also gives the sales team visibility to where opportunities are in the process. A deal can slow down or disappear if you and your team do not have a process in place that automatically keeps a close eye on that opportunity. Don’t leave money on the table just because there was a gap in your communication!

Here are three key ways your CRM can help your team close deals and meet your quarterly targets:

1. Collaboration

Each member of your sales team is contacting potential clients via phone and email and entering notes daily into your CRM. It is important that the whole sales team can see what has been communicated to the client.

This makes your team look organized and shows that they communicate well. It’s avoiding that feeling you get when you’re doing business with someone and the right arm doesn’t know what the left arm is doing.  Bonus Tip: add follow-up tasks and assign them to the appropriate team members.

2. Tracking

It takes time to set up a sales process and communicate it out to the team. Once that process has been set up, you want to see how far along each opportunity is. Having a clear sales pipeline ensures that the team is knowledgeable and can take action on the state of the opportunity. Focus on opportunities that are not moving forward on a timely basis.

3. Pipeline reports

A pipeline report will help a small sales team with big ambitions track the status of all of its opportunities. You can gain insight into where the opportunities are in the process. Use the report for your weekly meetings to ensure that everyone is on track and getting the support they need.

CRMs can make sales teams very effective and help management understand its sales pipeline. If you don’t have a CRM already, it’s time to invest if you want to avoid another disaster in Q3. It’s important to choose one that is easy to use and implement. You don’t want it to be something the sales team dreads using – that defeats the purpose, and you won’t reap the benefits that a great CRM can deliver. Services such as Gizmo Global can help you evaluate and set up the right process and reporting for your sales team.

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Cloud strategist Jamie Lin works with companies to evaluate an overall IT strategy to improve productivity and profits. Find our more at

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