Elon Musk said that you and everyone you know are living in a computer simulation. All of us are just scraps of data: a sequence of 1’s and 0’s. To think, the whole population—7.6 billion twirling megabytes—no different than a tweet, a like, or a single upvote. Although you might be skeptical (or humbled), it’s actually not far off from reality: aspects of our lives are right now becoming data driven; you just need to read between the tweets.

From Facebook to Twitter, social networks are a massive oasis of user data—and from a business perspective—are prime for social media business intelligence and analytics.

 CHALLENGE:  According to a study conducted by Clutch, a B2B ratings and review agency, 30 percent of small businesses report that they don’t invest in social media, let alone weld their social networks to their Business Intelligence Software.

 RECOMMENDATION:  To gain insights to help improve customer engagement and lend a compass to better business decisions, integrate BI software with your preferred social media network. Your small business needs to master BI software integrations with social media to instate a social analytics strategy and reap the benefits: five times more likely to make faster decisions than companies not utilizing BI tools.

In this article, we will match your small business’ preferred social media platform to a complementary Business Intelligence Software.

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Klipfolio – Recommended for Facebook Users

Klipfolio, Live Facebook Dashboard

Klipfolio, live Facebook dashboard (Source)

Business Intelligence Facebook: According to recent data, Facebook is the most-used social media channel for small businesses (86 percent). For these reasons, small businesses starting out with BI tools are likely to begin with a Facebook integration, and Klipfolio is well suited for first-time SMB users. If you integrate your small business’ Facebook data with Klipfolio, you can display on-page metrics about the engagement performance of your posts. Here are two actionable insights you can gather via Klipfolio:

  • Identify high performing content, then reengineer the mechanics of its popularity.
  • Pin down characteristics of your audience, and interpret their behavior to shed light on their priorities to better serve them.

Unique value: Klipfolio offers an out-of-the-box dashboard tuned specifically for Facebook engagement, marketing KPIs, and Facebook metrics for a simple, self-service start, and fast time to insight.

Pricing $49/month
Mobile ready Yes
Dashboards/visualizations Yes
Embedded analytics No
Reported KPIs Facebook page likes, demographics, shares, reach, clicks, reactions, etc.

Databox – Recommended for Instagram Users

Databox, live Instagram dashboard

Databox, live Instagram dashboard (Source)

Business intelligence Instagram: Instagram is a social network woven together by millions of shared photos and videos, types of rich media known as unstructured data. Databox, like Instagram, is about appearances, and combines with Instagram to display social media information in a highly presentable way. Databox aggregates important KPIs about your Instagram followers and—like Photoshop for insights—creates compelling visualizations. Along with dashboards and collaboration tools, Databox grants your small business the ability to share timely, highly visible analytics.

Unique value: Databox prioritizes mobile, shareable visualizations of your insights. This means ensuring dashboards and key analytics are transmitted to any endpoint device, from smart watches to virtual assistants. A picture was worth a thousand words, now it’s worth a million shares. Viral content is the goal, and Databox presents features like “Scorecard”—a morning dose of Instagram highlights sent directly to team members—to keep the whole team aware of key metrics or performance indicators of your posts. Databox manages the flow of information so you can direct it towards the goal of going viral.

Pricing $59/month
Mobile ready Yes
Dashboards/visualizations Yes
Embedded analytics No
Reported KPIs Followers (recent/new) following ratio, comments, likes, tags (new/most used) etc.

Tableau – Recommended for LinkedIn Users

Tableau, embedded BI

Tableau, embedded BI (Source)

Business intelligence LinkedIn: Tableau is a powerful integration for LinkedIn, but just as easily could have been recommended for any other social media platform. The reason: Tableau hosts a large, connected community of Tableau users. This community is a wellspring of BI knowledge. Its users create and share web connectors and dashboard templates to help peers work around integrations Tableau natively lacks. This in mind, LinkedIn as a platform is particularly less popular for business social engagement as compared to Twitter or Facebook, and can require a very targeted analytics strategy. The customizability and support of Tableau community resources is effective at wrapping around your LinkedIn analytics strategy, or other unique business needs of this type.

Unique value: Tableau offers embedded analytics capabilities to embed dashboards and data visualizations directly into applications—essentially, Tableau features are baked right into your app. This process can be seamless; you may not be able to tell if an in-app dashboard was originally native to the app, or an embedded third-party solution. The net result is the most up-to-date data analytics submerged within the application UI itself, so users and collaborators can quickly make decisions. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, describes their sales force’s experience with Tableau embedded tools here.

Pricing $35/month
Mobile ready Yes
Dashboards/visualizations Yes
Embedded analytics Yes
Reported KPIs LinkedIn shares, LinkedIn followers (by organization size, region, industry, organic vs. paid), etc.

Microsoft Power BI – Recommended for Reddit Users

Microsoft Power BI, Reddit dashboard template

Microsoft Power BI, Reddit dashboard template (Source)

Business intelligence Reddit: Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the world. Part and parcel to Reddit’s voting system, to reward exposure only to the most relevant and valuable content, some of the internet’s most authentic conversations happen over its many community pages (called subreddits). When you integrate Power BI with Reddit, your small business gets to listen to what people really talk about when they talk about your brand.

Unique value: Microsoft Power BI offers an analytics template built for Reddit. Using this Reddit-made analytics dashboard your small business can track mentions, keywords, and the precise places where communities talk about your brand on Reddit. In addition, Power BI can help identify key influencers or new opportunities for customer engagement from your Reddit data.

Pricing Starting at $9.99/month
Mobile ready Yes
Dashboards/visualizations Yes
Embedded analytics Yes
Reported KPIs Subreddits, upvotes, communities, influencers, sentiments, comments, etc.

Sisense – Recommended for Twitter Users

Sisense, Business Intelligence bot
Sisense, Business Intelligence bots (Source)

Business Intelligence Twitter: If social media is part of your marketing strategy, chances are good you’re using Twitter. Sisense offers an extensive self-service menu of BI capabilities, that go arm-in-arm with Twitter integration.

Unique value: Sisense offers a dedicated Twitter connector to transfer data from Twitter’s API to Sisense. With native support for Twitter integration, security and permissions controls are more encompassing and better suited to the Twitter platform. In addition, Sisense is an advocate for emerging BI automation and bot technologies. Sisense bot implementation with its BI platform pushes away from traditional methods of interacting with software, to something more conversational and accessible to all employees—regardless of their knowledge level of business intelligence.

Pricing Contact for price
Mobile ready Yes
Dashboards/visualizations Yes
Embedded analytics Yes
Reported KPIs Tweets, retweets, mentions, replies, impressions, sentiments, etc.


1. Social media excellence is built on quick wins: The social network hat-trick: your core competitors have cultivated communities across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. How do you deal with this threat and make a space of your own when you lack a social presence?

Two points of advice:

  1. Facebook—the platform—was not built in a day. Neither was Twitter or LinkedIn. Building a dominant presence on social media requires persistent, daily effort. Why then expect to have a dominating social media presence right off the bat?
  2. It’s needless and counterproductive to try and be everywhere at once. Focus efforts on one social media platform for the most efficient growth.

2. Rally the citizen analysts: What should you do if BI in your small business is handled by a lone or small team of data analysts? When BI is not conducted as a team sport it becomes challenging to scale the operation to others, cover during times of the expert’s absence, and share insights without first translating their meaning to nontechnical teammates.

In addition, your small business may not be BI capable because you do not have the needed expertise on staff, or available resources to hire for this skillset. We recommend self-service BI tools with accessible data visualizations. The idea is to allow users who are not analysts by trade to easily gather and interpret business data—like those found on social media—to make fast, insight fueled decisions to improve your small business.

3. Embrace Embedded BI: Is all the talk about BI getting under your skin? Let it—embedded BI is the future. Several of the social media business intelligence integrations highlighted in this article also offer embedded analytics, which injects BI dashboards and tools directly into your applications. At this stage, immediate adoption of embedded BI is not required. However, your small business should recognize its potential, explore options, and take notice as embedded BI becomes increasingly disruptive.


Products identified in this article were shortlisted based on average user reviews data (type: overall rating) aggregated from GetApp.com. Eligible reviews data is published by users whose disclosed company size is less than 200 people/published review between May 2016 – May 2018.

A number of the listed products highlighted in this article integrate with one or more of the following (but not limited to) social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter. The highlighted pairings in this article were chosen for providing unique, best in class, or special value when combined.

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