GetApp has access to over 1,000,000 reviews and lists more than 40,000 software products. To help make your software selection process easier, we dug into our data to identify six of the best free CRM solutions on the market.

By free, we don’t mean a free trial. Our list only includes CRM that has a free standalone user tier that can be used in perpetuity (albeit with certain restrictions).

Vendors provide free software tiers as a way to get people to start using their product. The assumption is that a certain portion of non-paying users will convert into paying customers as their needs and headcounts expand. Free tiers typically have a set number of users and limited features. Adding users and unlocking features beyond what the free tier offers means making a purchase, typically billed monthly or annually per user.

Before investing time and inputting data into a CRM, it’s best to know when you’ll have to start paying for continued usage. Below we cover how many users each product’s free tier allows, as well as some of the core features available to non-paying users. The products in this list are presented in descending order based on their Category Leaders scores.

Zoho CRM

4.2/5 (3,109 reviews)

India-based Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996 and has evolved to offer a suite of applications spanning sales, marketing, finance, IT, help desk and more. Zoho has been developing its CRM solution for the past fourteen years and is the most reviewed platform with a free tier in our product catalogue. With a wide array of products beyond CRM, Zoho is a good choice for businesses that will need additional software as they grow because the company offers a suite of products that are well integrated.

Zoho CRM free tier features and limitations:

Zoho CRM free tier can be used for a maximum of 3 users, 1GB of storage and 5,000 contacts. Core features include leads, contacts and deals management, and basic reporting.
Download our full free CRM software comparison here.

Hubspot CRM

4.5/5 (2,054 reviews)

Hubspot develops products for inbound marketing and sales, and launched a free CRM in 2014 that emphasized the variety of features on offer. The company is publicly traded and earns most of its revenue from software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions. While Hubspot’s free CRM offers a broad selection of features, pricing quickly escalates as additional sales, marketing and service tools are included.

Hubspot CRM free tier features and limitations:

Free Hubspot CRM offers unlimited users, five documents per user, and 1,000,000 contacts. Core features are expansive and include contact management, native forms, ad management, and reporting dashboards.

It is important to note that if you also use HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, you’ll start with 1,000-10,000 contacts and then pay $10-$50 per month (depending on the plan) for every additional 1,000 contacts. Contacts imported into Hubspot’s free CRM will also appear in the Marketing Hub.
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4.69/5 (426 reviews)

Freshsales was launched in 2011 by Freshworks, a Bay Area software company that provides a suite of support and sales focused products spanning service, marketing, chat, help desk and more.

Freshsales free tier features and limitations:

Freshsales free tier can be used for a maximum of 10 users and 10,000 contacts. Cloud storage is unavailable for free users. Core features include leads, contacts, accounts, email, basic lead scoring, basic reporting and more.

The free plan for Freshsales is called “Sprout.” You’ll need to make sure you select Sprout in the “plans and billing” section of your admin settings to avoid getting billed after signing up for a free trial. Download our full free CRM software comparison here.


4.34/5 (362 reviews)

Apptivo is a California based company that offers a broad suite of over 50 cloud-based SaaS products that span CRM, contracts, project management, invoices and more.

Apptivo free tier features and limitations:

Apptivo’s free tier can be used with up to three users, includes 500MB of storage, and supports unlimited contacts.

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4.02/5 (319 reviews)

Bitrix24 is headquartered in Washington D.C. and markets itself as a “100% free” CRM solution targeting small businesses. The company offers CRM, communication, project management, contact center, and website building software.

Bitrix24 free tier features and limitations:

Bitrix24’s free tier can be used with a maximum of 12 users, includes 5GB of cloud storage, and supports unlimited contacts. Core features include the standard leads, contacts and deals management as well as customizable fields to help tailor things like sales pipeline stages, deal types or quotes for your business.

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4.44/5 (82 Reviews)

Capsule is based in the UK and exclusively focuses on providing simple, easy to use CRM software. The company differentiates itself with a straightforward user interface (UI) and isn’t trying to be a one stop shop for all software needs.

Capsule free tier features and limitations:

Capsule’s free tier allows for up to two users, 250 contacts, and 10MB of storage. These restrictions are quite limiting and will likely only suffice for very small teams or individuals. Core features include lead tracking, custom fields, calendar, and task management.

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Each year, we rank the leading business apps inside our most popular categories to form a list of Category Leaders. App scores are determined by 5 factors, worth 20 points each, for a possible total of 100. This piece uses the same methodology as our Category Leaders however, it only includes products that offer a stand-alone free tier that is available for use indefinitely (not just during a free trial period).

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