A lot can happen in seven years. If you’d have told us in 2010 that Donald Trump would be president, Britain would vote out of Europe, and “Brangelina” would be no more, we would’ve dropped our iPhone 4 down the toilet in shock.

But by far the biggest deal for us over the last seven years is seeing GetApp grow to become a world leader in business software discovery. We’re humbled by the fact that since launching in January 2010 our site has now helped six million small businesses find the right tech solutions to help them grow. We’re blown away by the fact that we now have more than 5,000 apps in the GetApp product catalog. And we’re thankful that our users have left more than 75,000 reviews on our site.

As we celebrate our seventh birthday we’d like to raise a glass to our users and everyone who’s helped us along the way. Excuse us if we get a little sycophantic here but we reckon we’ve come a long way…

1. Our staff

GetApp was started by two French founders working out of a freezing, cupboard-sized office in Barcelona. The company now has a talent pool of 26 hotshot employees from 14 different countries.

GetApp HR stats

2. Our app catalog

We’ve grown our database of software for small businesses from just 834 in 2010 to a whopping 5,348. Better still, we’ve managed to improve the quality and depth of our product information to include exhaustive details about things like pricing, integrations, benefits, security data, alternatives, and video guides.

GetApp catalog historical stats

3. Our categories

At the last count, we have 323 different software categories on our site. We’ve diversified to offer help serve information on the top applications for all types of company, including some truly niche markets such as florist, kennel, and sports league software.

GetApp categories stats

4. Our UX

Like a fine Bordeaux vintage, the GetApp website design has improved with age. Not only is green the new black, but we’ve invested a lot in user experience. GetApp users can now get personalized recommendations on search results pages. The system analyzes a user’s previous actions (the products, categories, reviews, etc. they have visited on GetApp), personal preferences (software they’ve said they ‘like’ or ‘use), and business profile (company size and industry) to display the products that are most likely to be of interest to them. With every additional page browsed on GetApp, recommendations adjust in real time.

GetApp's design 2010 vs 2017

5. Our user reviews

Growing the number of user reviews on a website from zero to 75,000+ is no mean feat. What’s more, it’s easier than ever to leave a review on GetApp and users can add a very detailed analysis of the business software they use to provide tons of value to others.

6. Our research and industry insights

In the early days GetApp’s founders would turn their hand to writing content for the site’s blog, while juggling all the other aspects of running a business. Nowadays we have a six-strong editorial team made up of trained journalists that have helped to contribute more than 1,800 articles to help small businesses learn how to choose software, and discover the latest industry trends and insights on the GetApp Lab.

Increase in GetApp articles

7. We’re still helping small businesses succeed

Our mission when we started was to help small businesses discover the right software to improve their chances of success. Stats show that GetApp has helped more than six million businesses find software, and we’re committed to offering an innovative, easy-to-use site that is helpful for many, many more users in the years to come.

Graph showing number of small businesses helped by GetApp since 2010
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