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[NEW RESEARCH] Invoices aren’t adding up for 75% of small businesses

Almost three quarters of small businesses admit that errors are made in their invoicing, according to new GetApp research.

Some businesses even confess to sending or receiving error-ridden invoices every day, while a worrying 8% admit that invoicing mistakes are being made at least once a week in their company.

Only 26% of small business owners and managers polled say they never send or receive invoices with errors in them.

The majority of those surveyed say they “sometimes” receive invoices with errors in them, although less frequently than once per week.

Key findings:

Details of the research:

Answers to the question: “How often do you send or receive invoices with errors in them?”

#1. Sometimes (less than once per week) – 66.2%

#2. Never – 25.9%

#3. Very often (at least once per week) – 6.5%

#4. All the time (every day) – 1.4%

Demographics: Over 500 US-based respondents from a panel of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). Respondents are aged between 25 and 54 and have an average inferred annual income of $24k – $150k. This research was devised in collaboration with Zervant.

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