The theft or loss of IT assets such as laptops and servers that store critical information would create a panic for most business owners, because of the risk of losing confidential data and damage to their reputation.

But not for Mark, the owner of a small marketing firm. Mark’s employees work from different locations and travel to multiple countries for client meetings, increasing the risk of laptops or mobile phones getting stolen.

Mark’s not panicking, though, because he uses IT management tools to update software solutions on business systems used by his employees and to remotely troubleshoot software applications or wipe data from lost systems.

IT asset management (ITAM) solutions offer remote monitoring and control capabilities that help you track, manage, and protect all your technology assets—from anywhere.

The internet and the increased use of cloud applications has made it possible to work from anywhere, and many businesses have employees or freelancers based in different locations using proprietary company data and tools. The growth of connected devices, or internet of things (IoT), also contributes to a higher probability of IT assets being spread across geographies.

Businesses that invest in IT management solutions with remote asset monitoring capabilities will have a better hand at controlling and managing their technology assets and preventing security breaches.

This article compares five popular IT asset management tools, based on user reviews on GetApp, that offer remote asset monitoring features. Read more about our methodology at the bottom of the page.

The best IT asset management apps for remote asset monitoring (arranged alphabetically) are:

top-rated IT management tools for remote asset monitoring

For a longer list of IT management solutions offering remote control features, visit our IT management catalog page

ConnectWise Automate: Automated IT support tool with remote control features

ConnectWise Automate is a remote monitoring and management tool that helps you discover and control all devices in your network. It automates routine tasks so technicians can focus on higher end problem analysis and troubleshooting jobs.

ConnectWise Automate helps you to proactively monitor your systems and shorten reactive response times. It offers maintenance scripts that help automate routine maintenance jobs and also supports remote control sessions and agentless remote management of devices such as routers and switches.

ConnectWise Automate also offers patching and user management features.

ConnectWise Automate’s remote asset monitoring capabilities:

  • Record videos of remote control sessions to provide evidence for audits.
  • Generate reports on performance of different IT systems and set alerts about anomalies in the system.
  • Remotely control and access systems without disturbing the clients or end users.
  • Gain visibility into all IT assets owned by your businesses and use the information to better align your inventory with industry standards.
  • Automate IT support tasks such as basic troubleshooting, streamlining ticketing functions, and providing all information at a centralized location.
  • Manage workstations and server resources, deploy updates, and run installations from anywhere.

Status of remote commands in ConnectWise

View of some remote commands executed in ConnectWise (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what real users of ConnectWise Automate feel about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Reviewers mention that reports provided by ConnectWise offer all necessary information including troubleshooting and asset usage details of devices connected to the network.
  • Users also say that the price of the software is worth it for the features the software offers, especially the automated remote updates, alerts on hardware issues, and event logs.
  • Other features that users say they like in ConnectWise Automate include patch automation, alerts, screen connect, and automated remediation.

What can be improved

  • Reviewers feel that ConnectWise Automate’s mobile app could be improved, as it lacks some key features offered by the installed version.
  • Some users also mention that the reporting tools can be difficult to use and are not easily customizable.
  • Users also feel that integration with other monitoring tools is limited.

Who should consider ConnectWise Automate?

Small businesses that want to automate remote monitoring and deployment of software on multiple endpoint devices should consider ConnectWise Automate. It is especially useful for small businesses without much IT expertise because it offers many automated functions.

Jamf Pro: An IT management tool for Apple devices

Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) is a unified endpoint management tool for Apple devices. It offers device management features including IT inventory management, app management, and a self-service catalog for troubleshooting.

Jamf Pro also offers a variety of security features such as Apple encryption, automated patching, and management commands.

Jamf Pro’s remote asset monitoring capabilities:

  • Automatically collect details about all Apple devices used in your organization such as hardware, software, security, and user details.
  • Remotely deploy OS updates as well as distribute preconfigured apps to Mac and iOS devices in your network from Apple’s App store or from any other third-party vendor that offers macOS updates.
  • Apply and distribute configuration policies and automated scripts to all your Apple devices for better standardization.
  • Remotely configure devices and emails as well as enforce security features such as encryption, passcodes, lock, or wipe devices for new or existing team members working out of different locations.

Status of policies and device configuration in Jamf Pro

Screen showing status of different IT policies including remote device configuration in Jamf Pro (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what real users of Jamf Pro feel about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Users like that the app is fast, easy-to-use, and intuitive.
  • Reviewers like Jamf Pro’s lock and wipe feature, which lets them erase confidential data from stolen IT assets remotely.
  • Reviewers also mention that Jamf Pro is cost effective and offers a great range of functionality that helps them remotely manage devices.

What can be improved

  • Reviewers mention that they would like to see the mobile capabilities of the software improved with more remote commands added.
  • Users say they would like to see advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities and MSP (managed service provider) support added, along with integrations with other remote control solutions and active client connections to run script remediation.
  • Some users also mention trouble connecting to Active Directory.

Who should consider Jamf Pro?

Businesses using Apple devices should consider Jamf Pro for monitoring and managing their IT systems. The vendor offers different pricing plans suited for small businesses, as well.

Kaseya VSA: Remote asset monitoring and management software

Kaseya VSA is IT management software that offers core capabilities for remote asset monitoring and management. It uses policy-based automation features to remotely manage endpoints and IT infrastructure, automate software deployment, and manage updates.

Kaseya VSA also has built-in data backup capabilities, ransomware protection, anti-malware tools, and disaster recovery and business continuity features.

Kaseya VSA’s remote asset monitoring capabilities:

  • Remotely record screen activity and attach screenshots to IT tickets.
  • Remotely troubleshoot systems and manage multiple systems, regardless of their location.
  • Improve network security by remotely deploying security solutions such as patch management, anti-malware, and vulnerability management software.
  • Get a single view of your entire network architecture and unify endpoint and network management.
  • Connect to different IT devices and make necessary system changes without interrupting users.
  • Manage inventory by discovering and tracking all systems and software; auditing systems; and creating hardware, software, or system change logs.
  • Remotely monitor utilization of network bandwidth and performance of different devices such as hypervisors and device CPUs.

IT support tickets in Kaseya VSA

IT support tickets organized in Kaseya VSA (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what real users of Kaseya VSA feel about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Reviewers on GetApp like that Kaseya VSA helps them audit and keep track of multiple business assets, transfer files quickly, and create custom agent procedures.
  • Users also leave positive reviews about the ability to manage multiple machines from a single platform and connect remotely with users without disturbing their work using the “Live Connect” feature.
  • Users of Kaseya VSA are impressed with the speed of the software and how it helps to remotely connect with different tools quickly.
  • Users also mention that the scripting capabilities of the software make everything from remote support sessions to remote shell access possible.

What can be improved

  • Users say that the software has to be updated frequently, or else the remote sessions feature doesn’t work, putting you in a tight spot in emergency situations.
  • Reviewers also feel that Kaseya VSA’s price is on the higher side compared to other remote asset management products.
  • Many users feel that the vendor should add more robust features as well as improve customer support.
  • Reviewers mention that using the tool requires in-depth technical knowledge.

Who should consider Kaseya VSA?

Kaseya can be used by both managed service providers and internal IT teams to remotely track and manage IT assets. It helps them remotely check the IT infrastructure health of client systems and take any remedial actions remotely.

LogMeIn Central: Endpoint management tool with remote control and deployment features

LogMeIn Central is an endpoint management tool that helps IT managers automate routine tasks and carry them out remotely, for example, updating software. In addition to providing security features, such as antivirus and user management, LogMeIn Central supports remote control of computers and deployment of software solutions from anywhere.

LogMeIn Central helps businesses maintain centralized control over their servers and workstations. You can also track and secure all your IT assets from a single location and the tool offers data storage capabilities. It also offers automated task management and third-party integration features.

LogMeIn Pro is another remote access software option offered by LogMeIn, which offers limited features compared to LogMeIn Central but comes at a lower pricing point.

LogMeIn Central’s remote asset monitoring capabilities:

  • Remotely access and control computers from a different location.
  • View multiple remote desktop monitors on your local screen.
  • Remotely monitor computer performance and system health of all IT assets in your network.
  • Generate advanced reports and real-time alerts to determine the status of computer systems.
  • Control desktops from your Android or iOS devices using LogMeIn Central’s mobile access features.

Tracking and monitoring devices in LogMeIn Central

Track and monitor computers according to location and access rights in LogMeIn Central (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what real users of LogMeIn Central feel about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Reviewers are happy with the wide array of customization options and features provided by LogMeIn Central.
  • Users say that LogMeIn Central’s mobile access capabilities are reliable and make it easy to connect.
  • According to users, LogMeIn Central offers reliable features and is easy-to-use, even if you have to manage 200+ systems remotely.

What can be improved

  • Users mention that the basic version offers only limited features and upgrading to a higher version is costly.
  • According to reviewers, multiscreen monitors are not easy to navigate
  • Users mention that sometimes the software is slow, has connectivity issues, and it can be difficult to read the remote computer screen clearly.

Who should consider LogMeIn Central?

LogMeIn Central is used by businesses that have 200 to 250 computers or more. For businesses wanting to remotely manage fewer computers, LogMeIn Pro, offering similar features, would be a better fit. It is suitable for IT teams that want to manage their assets located in multiple locations, and even in different countries.

Pulseway: ITAM tool to remotely monitor and manage your IT infrastructure

Pulseway is remote IT asset monitoring and management software that works with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems and offers real-time statuses of system resources, network performance, virtualization devices, logged in users, and more.

You can manage and monitor your entire IT infrastructure from Pulseway’s mobile or web app. It also offers features such as network discovery, OS patch management, command traceability, Active Directory monitoring, browse notification history, and custom reports.

Pulseway’s remote asset monitoring capabilities:

  • Respond to system issues and fix problems remotely by sending commands from any mobile device or laptop.
  • Remotely run commands, restart devices, apply important updates, and manage the running processes.
  • Remotely control computers and peripheral devices such as mice and screens in your network without opening additional ports or creating any firewall.
  • Track metrics and important information such as CPU usage and device location as well as view details about hardware sensors and processes run on your network infrastructure.
  • Read event logs, execute and control services from any location, and schedule reports.

Remote desktop manager in Pulseway

Remote Desktop Manager features in Pulseway

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what real users of Pulseway feel about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Many users positively rate Pulseway’s remote desktop capabilities, especially its patch management, scheduling, and update features and the ability to restart devices remotely without setting up a new port or firewall.
  • Reviewers are also happy with the alerts and notifications provided by Pulseway about critical functions and other issues.
  • Reviewers express satisfaction at the way Pulseway lets them manage servers and workstations remotely and add that the vendor has a responsive support team and constantly adds new features.

What can be improved

  • A few users experience issues such as keystrokes not working and trouble navigating the remote screen when connecting to remote machines.
  • Some users also mention the app is slow, offering only basic remote features, and no shortcuts for frequently used commands.

Who should consider Pulseway?

Pulseway offers software versions targeted at IT teams of both small and large businesses. It also offers a free version that helps monitor up to two systems. Pulseway offers both hosted and on-premise versions and can be used by managed service providers as well.

Next steps

There are many factors that go into making a good IT management software purchase decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you search for an ITAM solution with remote control features:

  • Identify your business’s particular needs—do you need the software for remote software deployment, for remote desktop sharing, for remote control of sessions, or for one or more of these?
  • Short list IT management software that offers the particular remote control features that you need. There is no point in paying more for features you likely won’t need.
  • Check out free tools and do free trials and demos of different software solutions to short list the best one suited for your business and within your budget.

Other helpful resources

Choosing the most relevant IT management software can be challenging as they offer similar features and often use highly technical jargon on their websites and product manuals. We help you by simplifying things.

Visit GetApp’s directory for IT management to get a long list of all products. Read real-user reviews that help you make better purchase decisions and use our compare tool to get a quick side by side comparison of products based on features, price, and integrations.


The solutions highlighted in this article are the IT management software systems that offer remote asset monitoring capabilities and had the highest overall user rating from among the most reviewed products at the time of writing (the week of September 24, 2018). Here’s an overview of our method for choosing this list of top-rated apps:

  • We filtered IT management products that offered features facilitating remote control. The list of 50 products was then arranged in descending order, with those having the highest average customer review at the top. From among the top 10 products with the highest number of reviews, the five having the highest user ratings were shortlisted.
  • The “User feedback trends” section for each product is based on the analysis of feedback for the feature discussed, from users who left reviews on GetApp.
  • Additional information in the article is compiled from vendor websites and other secondary sources, wherever mentioned.

NOTE: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users and does not represent the views of GetApp.

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