A third of consumers choose which brands to support based on their social and environmental impact. Yet, small businesses still hesitate to implement operational, technological, and production efforts that support and protect the environment thinking the investment is too great to justify the cost.

The truth is, it’s not expensive to do a simple audit of your existing business practices to determine which small changes you can make that will have a positive impact.

The return on investment is even higher when you consider that businesses gain the added benefit of increasing productivity and boosting employee morale and retention.

In the infographic below, we’re looking at everyday business practices that are negatively impacting the environment and some simple ways small businesses can use technology to ensure sustainability, and boost their workplace productivity in the meantime.


Some additional business benefits of going green include:

  • Attract and keep top talent who want to work for a sustainable organization.
  • Avoid noncompliance with new environment regulations.
  • Build up your brand’s reputation as forward-thinking.
  • Cultivate a positive culture and promote innovation.
  • Eliminate waste and lower operating costs to increase profitability.
  • Attract eco-friendly customers and like-minded investors, crowdfunding contributors, and business partners.

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