Xero’s brewtiful partnership, a post-Wayfair world, and more accounting news

What’s going on in accounting? Here are five relevant pieces on financial process-improvement software, for better-informed decisions.

Data breach within a European accounting firm

Cloud-based software from Wolters Kluwer, an accounting and financial process improvement firm, was taken offline May 9, after a supposed malware attacks breached its system. With the company’s $4.8 billion brand at stake, the market still lacks clarity on the attack’s long-term impact.


Spotify launches new interactive voice-enabled AD format, Instagram faces unique challenges with user-generated content, and more CRM news

Happy Monday! Here’s the CRM news that your peers are reading, curated by GetApp Analyst Chris Warnock.

Spotify introduces new voice-activated ad format

Spotify recently introduced a novel approach to capturing consumer attention using interactive, voice-enabled advertisements. The first companies testing this new ad format are Unilever and Spotify itself. When prompted, users that respond by saying “play now” will be directed to an Axe body spray branded playlist or a Spotify original podcast. While the ads currently only promote content within Spotify’s own platform, there is potential for future expansion that might have the gears in creative marketers’ minds churning.

The 4 most important metrics for SMBs, data mining in universities, and more BI news

Happy Monday! Here’s the BI news that your peers are reading, curated by GetApp Analyst Lauren Maffeo.

Microsoft rolls out Azure updates at Build

Microsoft used the opening keynote of its annual developer conference to share several updates to its Azure product. These include an announcement that IoT Edge integrates with Kubernetes (Google’s open source container orchestration system).

7 magnificent things we’re celebrating on GetApp’s 7th birthday

7 magnificent things we’re celebrating on GetApp’s 7th birthday

A lot can happen in seven years. If you’d have told us in 2010 that Donald Trump would be president, Britain would vote out of Europe, and “Brangelina” would be no more, we would’ve dropped our iPhone 4 down the toilet in shock.

But by far the biggest deal for us over the last seven years is seeing GetApp grow to become a world leader in business software discovery. We’re humbled by the fact that since launching in January 2010 our site has now helped six million small businesses find the right tech solutions to help them grow. We’re blown away by the fact that we now have more than 5,000 apps in the GetApp product catalog. And we’re thankful that our users have left more than 75,000 reviews on our site.

As we celebrate our seventh birthday we’d like to raise a glass to our users and everyone who’s helped us along the way. Excuse us if we get a little sycophantic here but we reckon we’ve come a long way…