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People hate advertisements, AirBnB customers are running into scams nationwide, and more sales and marketing news.

People just don’t like ads

Despite having more information than ever about consumers, advertisers are struggling to create ads people actually want to see. Technology has made advertising highly personalized and omnipresent, and is slowly becoming responsible for the creative side of marketing as well. The New York times reports on recent trends that have reshaped advertising, and led to consumers that are increasingly going out of their way to avoid it. While advertising may appear to be in dire straights, public backlash might be the inspiration the industry needs to course correct. [Read more]

Salesforce faces scrutiny from U.K. regulators over Tableau acquisition

The U.K. government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) department has revoked its initial order requiring Tableau to operate separately from Salesforce in the region. Salesforce first announced its $15.7B acquisition of Tableau in early-June and completed the deal on August 1. The CMA is investigating whether the merger “has resulted, or may be expected to result, in a substantial lessening of competition within any market or markets.” Salesforce and Tableau users in the UK should note that the deadline for a final decision on this matter has been set for November 29. [Read more]

Advertisers might start questioning TikTok amid investigation from U.S. national security officials

At the suggestion of prominent senators, video-based social media company TikTok is being investigated by U.S. national security officials. Previously called, TikTok was acquired by Beijing-based ByteDance in November 2017. According to AdAge, advertisers are flocking to the platform—suggesting American companies aren’t yet too worried about TikTok’s ownership structure or its relationship to China. However, this could change as the company faces mounting scrutiny. [Read more]

Third-party resellers of Nintendo products now required to seek approval on Amazon

On October 31 Amazon sent a notice to third-party resellers on its platform that all “Nintendo products” will be subject to new approval requirements. The announcement did not specify whether the new rules were coming from Nintendo, Amazon or both companies. This move follows Amazon cracking down on used sales in other product categories, including DVDs and Apple products—which now require a similar approval process. [Read more]

Twitter bans all political advertisements on its platform

Ahead of the 2020 election, Twitter has banned all political advertisements on its platform in response to rising concern over the spread of misinformation. Conversely, Facebook is shying away from taking responsibility for the accuracy of political ads on its platform under the grounds of free speech. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained the decision in a series of Tweets saying, “This is about paying for reach. And paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today’s democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle.” [Read more]

AirBnB customers are getting scammed all over the country

A journalist named Allie Conti was on vacation in Chicago when she found herself on the receiving end of an elaborate AirBnB scam. Moments before checking in to her short-term rental, Conti’s AirBnB host called and said a plumbing issue would make staying at the property impossible. After reluctantly agreeing to move to a vacant rental in a different location , Conti wound up in what looked more like a “flophouse than someone’s home.” Digging deeper Conti appears to have uncovered a scam that spans eight different cities and nearly 100 rental listings by exploiting technicalities in AirBnB’s refund policy. [Read more]

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