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GetApp May Roundup: Salesforce says it’s worth $70 billion, Dropbox won’t sell your data, and more

What the heck’s been going on in the world of business tech this month? Forget all the noise and check out our roundup of the stories from May that matter:

The killer text message that can wreak havoc on your iPhone

Users on Reddit reported that one line of text sent through iMessages can crash the device. It’s highly unlikely that you would type the message as it’s a combination of Arabic, Chinese, and Unicode characters.

A screenshot of the post from Reddit.

The bug itself stems from a problem with the way that iPhones handle notifications which means that simply receiving a message (rather than opening it) can crash the phone. Some people have also said that the bug also applies to Twitter direct messages. Users on Reddit have posted some ways to fix the problem such as sending a message from your synced Apple computer, having Siri send a message, or simply turning notifications all together. Apple has said that it’s aware of the problem and working on it. UPDATE: Apple hasn’t fixed the bug yet, but it’s provided some suggestions similar to those mentioned.


Salesforce tells Microsoft that $55 billion isn’t enough

How much would you pay for a popular cloud company valued at $49 billion? According to CNBC, Microsoft was willing to lay down the change and toss in a bit extra to total a cool $55 billion for Salesforce. However, Salesforce, which controls 18 percent of the world’s CRM market share, wanted more and held out for a mind-bogglingly $70 billion. Although it was still feasible for Microsoft as they had $95 billion ready to spend, neither Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff or Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella could agree on a compromise. There’s still a chance that Microsoft could buy Salesforce, but it’s highly unlikely.

Dropbox certifiably won’t sell your data for advertising or marketing

Dropbox announced that it’s adopted the ISO 27018 standard which is big news for business users. Aside from having a highly forgettable and vaguely radioactive sounding name, ISO 27018 essentially boils down to an organization must be transparent about where they store your data, alert you in case there’s a breach, commit to a yearly third-party audit, and (perhaps most importantly) agree to not use your info in sales and marketing materials.

Microsoft was the first cloud provider to offer this certification in February and given the public’s concern about its dating is getting used, expect to see other big cloud providers to get the certification.


Vox continues its quest for digital news dominance as it snatches up Re/code

ReCode, a popular tech business site which has had interviews with tech titans like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, is now a part of the Vox Media. The details behind the cost of the acquisition haven’t been revealed, but it will join the stable of Vox sites such as SBNation, Polygon, and The Verge.

ReCode will focus on the business of the tech industry while The Verge will focus on tech for consumers. According to the NYT, co-founder Kara Swisher said that ReCode was too small (1.5 million views a month) and it was difficult to compete with well-funded Silicon Valley rivals. Another supposed reason ReCode joined: Vox’s well-received publishing platform Chorus.


Google gives more freedom to developers on the Play Store

There were plenty of announcements during Google’s I/O event: cardboard has gone through another iteration which includes GoPro teaming up with Google to release a 16-camera rig for 360 video (which early estimates peg at costing $8000 bucks), Google’s photo app has finally severed itself from G+, the oddly-named Google Now on Tap, and lots more that wouldn’t fit into this teeny paragraph.

One bit of news that hasn’t attracted as much attention, is that Google is giving app developers more options on the Play Store. This includes price testing as well cosmetic options such as changing icon colors and some other design tweaks. Another perk: Developer Pages which well let app developers showcase their apps.

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