Guy Kawasaki on The Art of the Start, social media and exciting apps

Guy Kawasaki needs little introduction. He was with Apple when it rose from the ashes, he’s a successful entrepreneur and investor, but most notably he’s an outspoken proponent of social media as the best marketing tool. We caught up with him in this episode of the GetCast to chew the fat on everything from smart watches to social media.

“I love watches but I’m not rushing out to buy it”

[05:06] What better way to kick off our talk than with the Apple Watch? Guy is a watch enthusiast who is especially fond of Breitlings, and is currently wearing a Withings Activité.

The Apple Watch is another story though.

“I would never predict that Apple is going to fail with any device like this but I’m not going to rush out and buy it. I always lose my car keys, but never lose my arm”

The problem is, will you trust that apps security? We should ask Matt to chime in on the potential security holes of the Apple Watch.

The 10-20-30 rule and crowdfunding

[11:01] Guy’s latest book, The Art of the Start 2.0 is almost a complete rewrite of the original edition. With more than 60% new content Guy has included lots of new topics, one of which is crowdfunding.

We talk about a wonderful blog post on Copyhackers. Joanna Wiebe wrote a how-to guide to writing a Kickstarter pitch. If you want to crowdfund, you need to read this now!

One of the most memorable parts of The Art of The Start, and one section that was not rewritten, was Guy’s 10-20-30 rule about pitch presentations (10-slides, 20-minutes, 30-point font).

Even though it’s memorable and many people refer to the 10-20-30 rule startups still aren’t taking it literally. Guy mentions that self proclaimed “Guy fanboys” will show him dog-eared copies of The Art of the Start and immediately turn around and open a 60-slide presentation!

The Art of Social Media

[16:14] While it took co-author Peg Fitzpatrick 6 months to convince Guy, she eventually managed to get him to work on another great book with her, The Art of Social Media. Persistence does pay off.

I asked Guy what was the secret to social media and he had this to say…

“Post things that people want to learn about, rather than things you want to tell them about. What do they want to consume rather than what do you want to ram down their throat.”

He went on to say that the secret to cutting through the social media noise is to post things of “value, information, assistance, inspiration or entertainment.” In other words, and like he says before, don’t ram self promotional crap down peoples throats.

Guy’s recommended Apps


Guy spills the beans on his favorite apps, telling us what he loves about EvernoteDropboxBufferSproutSocial, and HootSuite.

“Spray and pray” marketing for your app idea

[22:00] Guy is, for better or worse, known to be an extremely prolific publisher on social media. When asked how you could begin marketing a product on social media he advises: “become a thought leader. Become known as someone who has a good taste in curation.”

[23:31] We also flipped this situation on its head. How would you go from having a social media audience but nothing to sell them? Guy used as an example one of his favorite tech channels on YouTube Marques Brownlee.

Guy noted that in this case the challenge would not be if you could sell something, but instead could you build that thing to sell.

Democratic design evangelism

[25:10] Guy bangs the drum for a whole range of different apps, one of which is Canva. Guy proclaims that “Canva is to graphics, what Macintosh was to computing, it’s going to democratize graphics.”

We agree, Canva is extremely useful for someone who needs to create graphics and doesn’t want to undertake the learning curve of Adobe’s Photoshop.

On Peg Fitzpatrick: “The best social media person in the world”

[26:08] I went back to ask a little more about Peg Fitzpatrick, guys co-author on The Art of Social Media. Peg must be something very special to Guy because what he says is amazing.

Peg Fitzpatrick is the best social media person in the world. There are people who are hard workers, there are people who are curious and there are people who are smart and then there’s Peg who’s all three.”

App wrap-up

[27:20] We came to an end talking about some lesser known apps that do a great job and this is what Guy personally recommends

Be sure to check out The Art of The Start 2.0 on for Guy’s insights into making your product or service a hit.

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