Brooklyn cheesemonger BKLYN Larder is enjoying the sweet smell of success, thanks, in no small part, to the adoption of a cloud-based inventory management software. Emily Taylor, director of eCommerce and online communication at BKLYN Larder, has been in charge of implementing Ordoro as its inventory manager.  In this episode, Emily explains the impact that this app– and others – have had on the business of selling delicious cheeses, home made food, and hard-to-find grocery items.

[00:00:50] The road leading to directing BKLYN Larder.

[00:05:32] The biggest shock at BKLYN Larder.

[00:07:57] Lessons learned from two holiday seasons:

“We just get out a Word document and make a list of everything that went wrong and how to fix it.”

[00:10:54] When to look for apps to solve problems:

“When we see that our labor costs are going up because of inefficiencies, that’s when we go, ‘there has to be a program to let us do that!”

[00:14:56] What’s the big deal about human service?

[00:16:20] The impact of Ordoro and other apps on BKLYN Larder:

Ordoro has saved the company tons of time by simply doing batch printing of shipping labels.
BigCommerce integrated with PayPal to capture sales.
BMartinStudios designed the BKLYN Larder website.

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