Being proactive about developing talent you need

Cain Ullah is the CEO and co-founder of Red Badger, a software development company helping enterprise intrapreneurs. Cain joins us on this episode to talk about how he built Red Badger and how the company proactively handles recruiting.

Here’s what you expect from the podcast:

How to close more deals

How can a new software company be taken seriously when it has no track record or credibility? Cain points to live demos, thanks to the benefit of hindsight: “Live software examples would have made pitching the value of Red Badger to partners much easier.”

Apps to reduce infrastructure costs while starting up

As a software company, Red Badger has always utilized cloud based apps to reduce operational costs. As Cain says, apps are a really important part of their business: ”We hold quarterly company-wide tech round tables to evaluate libraries, frameworks and apps.”

Some apps that Cain recommends:

No more hiring out of a spreadsheet

As a GetApp user and community member, Cain reviewed Workable, and he’s still in love with it. Red Badger is using Workable to replace spreadsheets, for its analytics, and for talent tracking features. Cain says that “with more talent coming into our funnel and conversion increasing, Workable pays for itself.”

Cain also mentions some of the other apps that Red Badger loves, including GitHub to manage internal source code, and PipeDrive to manage its sales process with Zapier integration to sync data through the mobile app.

How to build your own talent

Red Badger had one big problem– it couldn’t find as many talented developers as it needed. Its solution was to do something that does not scale: build the Badger Academy.

This 10-week intensive full time coaching program takes in university students and gives them modern web app development techniques. The goal is to have them graduate with real world skills and quickly become productive team members.

One of the projects that students work on is called Badger Time. This is an in-house project that builds an integration into FreeAgent through its API to manage Red Badger’s resourcing and profitability of all of its projects. The goal is to know who worked on what, how much time they put in, and how much to pay each person per project.

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