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Erica Dhawan has discovered something fascinating. As a Harvard researcher studying the future of work and models of leadership, she found that people were harnessing relationships, resources and networks in revolutionary new ways.

Cotential: helping accelerate employee connections

This discovery is what Erica, and co-founder/co-author Saj-nicole Joni, coined as ‘Connectional Intelligence’. Their company, Cotential, takes this model of Connectional Intelligence and applies it to companies and workforces.

Get Big Things Done: beyond crowdsourcing

Together Erica and Saj-nicole have co-authored Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence. The book takes crowdsourcing and the hive mind to the next level. Erica and Saj-Nicole demonstrate how Connectional Intelligence is the step after crowdsourcing; the step that actually generates the breakthroughs. The book is available now on Amazon.

Cotential talks apps 

We caught up with Erica, who explained more about the Connectional Intelligence, and shed some light on the apps Cotential uses. The company has employed apps such as Evernote, Basecamp, Asana and Slack to manage their business.

A big part of getting notes down quickly and staying productive was done with the Elements text editor. Erica explains her love of the app, and how syncing it with Dropbox has helped her stay organized. 

Erica is also a huge fan of Duolingo, an app which has the power to help translate a large media site like BuzzFeed, while helping the workforce learn a new language. Erica loves this free language learning app, which comes bundled with a clever text translation service. She explains how it can help a large, engaged groups of people solve a business problem for a group of companies.

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