Almost a third of small businesses consider themselves to be too small to warrant using a CRM, according to new GetData Research.

32.6% of small business owners surveyed as part of GetApp’s GetData research felt that their organization is not big enough to implement a CRM. Moreover, 17.2% of small businesses panelled said they felt that CRMs are too expensive.

Perhaps surprisingly, 22.3% of people polled didn’t know what a CRM is, while 13.7% said they are unable to find a CRM that fits their small business.

Key research findings:

  • Almost a third of SMBs surveyed believe their business is too small for choosing and implementing a CRM
  • 22.3% of small business owners asked are not sure what CRM is
  • 12.4% of employees don’t consider CRM to be valuable for their company

Details of the research:

Answers to the question: “What are the obstacles to you choosing and implementing a CRM in your organization?

#1. My business is too small for a CRM (32.6 %)

#2. Other (22.6%)

#3. What’s a CRM? (22.3%)

#4. I think CRMs are too expensive (17.2%)

#5. I couldn’t find one that fits my business (13.7%)

#6. A CRM won’t add any value to my company (12.4%)

Demographics: Over 500 US-based respondents from a panel of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).

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