You don’t get anywhere without hustle and hard work. Sujan Patel has done both while building the successful digital marketing agency, Single Grain and now as the VP of marketing at When I Work.

In this show, Sujan spoke openly on why his first attempt at launching his own digital agency failed and the key for its success on the second launch. Additionally Sujan went into detail while sharing which are some of his favorite SEO and Twitter apps.

Enjoy the show and let Sujan know in a comment below if you recommend any other Twitter or SEO apps he could check out.

What do you love the most about marketing?

How would you define digital marketing?

When did you get started in marketing?

Why did you start the digital marketing agency, Single Grain?

After the first failed launch of Single Grain, what made the second one successful?

How important has networking been for your career?

What are your favorite SEO apps?

Discover and compare Sujans favorite SEO tools: MOZ, SEM Rush and BuzzSumo

Are you using any social media apps you can recommend?

Could you share with me a clever social media tip you use?

Who are there any people you personally admire?

How did you became VP of marketing at When I Work?

What are the two biggest factors of When I Work’s success?

How do you make customers feel special?

Can you name some business apps used at When I Work?

What factors does When I Work consider before using a new app?

Do you personally use any other apps?

Discover and compare other apps Sujans uses:, Socedo, and Buffer

What are some things to consider before signing up to When I Work?

Discover and compare the apps When I Work uses: Zendesk, Intercom, Optimizely,, and Coschedule

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