The thrill of being your own boss can also bring a daunting dose of fear. If customers don’t respond to your product, your small business is likely to suffer. According to Doug Sandler, some of the most common questions that plague entrepreneurs are:

  • “Will I ever make another sale?”
  • “How can I stay current and up to date with my products and services?”
  • “Are my customers happy?”

You’ll notice a theme here: the role of customers in keeping small businesses afloat. When customers stop buying what you sell, the whole business threatens to come crashing down. So, it’s only natural to worry about managing customer relationships.

Now for the good news: customer relationship management (CRM) doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. There’s a wide range of customer relationship software that’s designed to help small business owners automate more manual tasks. And when these tools take care of mundane details, you’re left with more time to give your customers an essential human touch.

Based on popular peer advice (or your own instinct), you might have already purchased a CRM system. But time has a way of changing things – including software.

Emerging technology trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are quickly creeping into more software tools. That’s because new technologies become cheaper and easier to implement the more popular they get.

But not every software company is so focused on the future. If the engineering team behind your current CRM doesn’t plan to add these new technologies, you risk falling behind your competitors via an outdated CRM best practice. That’s because tech trends like AI and IoT will change the nature of CRM itself. And that means you must ask a crucial question:

“Is my CRM software future-ready?”

Not sure how CRM software will change? Read our infographic to learn how these tools will change over the next decade.

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