Small businesses are being lured by cloud apps because of their simplicity and setup speed, according to new GetData research. When asking a panel of SMBs what the main benefits of a cloud-based business software are compared to installed, ease of deployment, and speed of implementation came out on top.

Key research findings:

  • More than one third of the SMB panel favor cloud-based software because it’s easier to deploy than installed software.
  • Faster implementation times was the second biggest benefit of choosing cloud-based software over installed.
  • The need for less IT support was also considered a benefit, with over 13% of the panel citing this as their main benefit.

More details about the research:

Answers to the question: “What is the largest benefit of cloud-based business software vs. installed?”

#1: Easier to deploy and manage (38.7%)

#2: Quicker to implement (14.6%)

#3: Less IT support needed (13.2%)

#4: Ease of use (13%%)

#5: Lower cost (12.4%)

#6: Greater security (4.6%)

#7: Other (3.6%)

Demographics: 500 US-based respondents from a panel of small businesses owners. Respondents are aged between 25 and 54 and have an average inferred annual income of $50k – $150k.

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