Customers are more likely to be won over by the presence of salespeople in a store than any in-store retail marketing strategies, according to new GetApp research.

More than one third of consumers (33.8%) polled said that they are more impressed with the presence of salespeople in a store than other retail tactics such as point of purchase displays (i.e. sales promotions next to the checkout), innovative use of in-store real estate, or technologies such as video walls and way-finding kiosks.

In fact, it seems that customers still aren’t being bowled over by modern in-store technology, with only 14% of respondents saying that this tech is the thing most likely to impress them when they walk into a store – the least popular of the four options given in our survey.

Point of purchase displays are the second most powerful retail marketing strategy, according to the research, with almost 30% of consumers polled saying these displays are most likely to impress them as they walk into a shop.

Donut chart showing retail marketing preferences among consumers

What impresses men and women most in a store?

Interestingly, among women, point of purchase displays are seen as more impressive than the presence of salespeople, with 35.7% of women polled saying they are most impressed by these displays, compared to 34% who prefer salespeople.

The GetApp research suggests men are more likely to be wowed by tech displays (18.9% say this impresses them most, compared to just 10% of the women we asked) and innovative use of interior real estate (24.5% vs 19.9% of women).

What do different age groups want to see when walking into a store?

When it comes to the age of shoppers it seems that, older customers are more interested in seeing salespeople in store than younger consumers. In fact, almost half of over-55s questioned (45.4%) are more enthused by the presence of salespeople than any other retail marketing strategy. In the case of under-25s, only 24.5% said having salespeople on the ground was the most impressive thing for them about a store.

The age group that showed most interest in in-store tech were 45-54 year-olds (19.7% put this at the top of their impressiveness list), while the least impressed with tech were the 25-34 year-olds, with only 8.3% saying it got their juices going more than anything else in a store.

Bar chart showing retail marketing preferences among different ages of consumers

Key findings

  • A third of people favor the presence of salespeople over other retail marketing strategies.
  • In-store tech like video walls, wayfinding kiosks impresses people less than point of sale displays and innovative use of in-store real estate.
  • Men are more impressed by in-store tech than women.
  • Point of purchase displays are the most impressive strategy marketing strategy among women.
  • Younger people are far less impressed by presence of salespeople than over 45s are.

Details of the research

Respondents answered the question: “Which of the following retail marketing strategies is likely to impress you most when walking into a store?”

#1. Presence of salespeople (33.8%)

#2. Point of purchase displays (29.6%)

#3. Innovative use of in-store real estate (22.1%)

#4. In-store tech like video walls, way-finding kiosks, etc. (14.5%)

Demographics: GetApp surveyed more than 500 US-based consumers over 18, with an averaged inferred annual income of $24K to $150K. This research was devised in collaboration with Mvix.

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