25 percent of employees leave their jobs within the first 60 days at a company, according to recent research. Imagine that. It sure makes you appreciate how crucial it is for modern organizations to focus on their employee onboarding process.

In fact, a further study shows that companies with a standard onboarding process see 54 percent greater new employee productivity, alongside 50 percent greater new hire retention.

Here, via this infographic, we’re going to uncover some more of the key stats around onboarding and hiring trends in 2017 and beyond. It should help to convince you of the importance of getting your HR tools and processes in order. Read on after the graphic and we’ll give you some helpful next steps.

Infographic displaying onboarding hiring trends and stats for 2017

How can you enhance your organization’s onboarding and hiring processes?

If you want to have a structured onboarding and hiring process in place to ensure you have a great talent pool that is also happy and satisfied, check out these resources: