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[Podcast] From NFL cheerleader to small business superstar: Danetha Doe on how to win at marketing and finance

Not many NFL cheerleaders go on to become marketing and finance consultants with clients as prestigious as Google, Audi, Xero, and Wells Fargo. But that’s exactly the journey Danetha Doe took. Her mix of skills goes way beyond theory you find in business books, Danetha has walked the walk and talked the talk. So what are the secrets of her success?

We caught up with Danetha on this GetApp podcast to learn more about her work as a brand ambassador for accounting app, Xero, and to get her insights into what makes a great marketing campaign and how to reach out to millennials and multicultural markets.

Keen to find out more about Danetha Doe?

Danetha Doe’s main website
Bookkeeping 101 Course
The Simple Guide to Accounting and Financial Strategy for New Entrepreneurs
Tweet her @DanethaDoe

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