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10 project management numbers you should know in 2017

Project managers who work in small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are most likely to buy and use project management software. So why did research reveal that more than half of surveyed IT professionals were actively looking to replace their project management software? 

To answer this question, GetApp conducted our own research. We surveyed more than 200 U.S.-based project managers at the end of 2016. Before starting this survey, we guessed that a gap exists between the software features that project managers need and what today’s tools offer. But even we were surprised by how wide that gap is.

It’s no secret that project management is changing. This discipline is no longer reserved for IT employees in large enterprises. Today, project management is an increasingly strategic role. As one example, an increasing number of businesses are adopting project management techniques like Agile. This means that project management has more business influence today than ever before. The challenge is that few software vendors have evolved their products to meet the multitasking needs of today’s project manager.

As a result, the project management role continues to change faster than the project management software that’s available in market. This means that few projects come in under budget, even fewer total projects are completed, and most project managers use way too many tools.

How bad is this problem? Read our infographic to learn 10 project management numbers you should know in 2017. Then, learn more about how you can step up your project management game this year. 

How can I become a better project manager?

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