More than a third of people think that most companies have an unfair and biased hiring process, according to new research from GetApp.

Meanwhile, almost a quarter of the 1,500 respondents polled think that all companies have unfair recruiting practices.

Biases are often unconscious, meaning that businesses may not even realize that they are making these judgements when it comes to selecting new candidates. Two common areas of recruitment bias are gender and age, which is backed up by data from this survey.

More women than men believe that most companies’ recruitment processes are biased, with 37% of females saying they believe hiring is unfair, compared to 32% of males. Only 25% of females think that the majority of businesses recruit in a fair way, compared to 36% of males.

The younger generation is also becoming more conscious of recruitment bias. According to this research, 39% of millennials believe that current recruitment practices are unfair, compared to 32% of Generation X.

Key Findings of the Recruitment Bias Survey:

  • 36% of respondents believe most companies’ recruiting processes to be unfair
  • 23% of survey respondents think that all companies have biased hiring practices
  • 37% of female respondents think that most companies practices are biased, compared to 32% of male respondents
  • 39% of 18-34-year-olds regard most companies’ hiring methods as unfair and biased.

Details of the research:

Respondents answered the question: How many companies do you think have a fair and unbiased hiring process?

#1. The majority of companies – 30.3%

#2. Some companies – 33.5%

#3. The minority of companies – 13%

#4. No companies – 23.2%

Demographics: GetApp surveyed more than 1,500 US-based respondents aged between 25 and 65 with an average inferred annual income of $24k – $150k.

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