The old adage of it’s not what you know but who you know is certainly applicable to the sales industry. While it’s becoming ever more important to be a product expert, making connections with the right people (i.e. sales influencers) is still the key to success. Not only can these sales management experts provide vital tips to help you improve the way you sell, they also have a raft of useful resources and industry connections.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of the top 20 sales management experts on Twitter you should be following.

The factors I’ve used to put this list together include number of followers, their activity on Twitter (including retweets and replies), and the pagerank of their Twitter profile.

Butch Bellah Twitter profile

Butch Bellah

Butch Bellah is the author of the popular Sales Management for Dummies book, and tweets about areas such as sales training. He blogs regularly, providing tips to help salespeople achieve more, while helping companies get the most out of their salespeople.

Follow @butchbellah

Lori Richardson Twitter profile

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson tweets about sales management, as well as gender issues within the industry. She promises to offer an “EKG for sales teams”.

Follow @scoremoresales

Jill Konrath Twitter profile

Jill Konrath

A sales acceleration strategist, Jill Konrath is the author of three sales management books and regularly shares her videos tips. Jill also offers a plethora of tools on her website, such as eBooks and worksheets.

Follow @jillkonrath


Josiane Feigon

As CEO of inside remote sales training company Telesmart, Josiane Feigon shares advice and trends from the sales industry that focus on improving the way salespeople serve their customers.

Follow @Josiane Feigon

Mary Ann Davis Twitter profileMary Ann Davis

Mary Ann Davis tweets about subjects such as sales cycle management, corporate sales training, and tools that can help improve performance. One of Mary Ann’s interests is DISC personality assessments – and how they can identify your selling style.

Follow @webeselling

Jeffrey Gitoner Twitter profile

Jeffrey Gitomer

Self-styled king of sales, Jeffrey Gitomer offers inspirational quotes and links to his “Gitomer Gold” webinars, which offer strategies to help improve your sales technique and become a better salesperson.

Follow @gitomer

Trish Bertozzi Twitter profile

Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is another inside sales expert who tweets about sales development and social prospecting, which involves generating leads through social networks. Trish is president of sales consulting company Bridge Group.

Follow @bridgegroupinc

Paul Castain Twitter profile

Paul Castain

Paul Castain is a sales coach and vice president of sales training company Rock Star Academy. On Twitter, Paul offers tips on how to improve the way you sell, as well as general advice for succeeding in business.

Follow @paulcastain

Tom Hopkins Twitter profile

Tom Hopkins

Aside from offering sales courses and training, Tom Hopkins tweets motivational tips on how to be a better salesperson and get to know your customer.

Follow @tomhopkinssales

Dave Stein Twitter profile

Dave Stein

Dave Stein focuses on B2B selling, strategy, sales management, and hiring the right people for your company. Dave is also interested in yoga.

Follow @davestei


Anthony Iannarino

Author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, Anthony Iannarino describes himself as a “Catalyst. Instigator. Agitator.” Anthony tweets about topics such as social selling, sales strategy, and lead generation.

Follow @iannarino

Steve Cadley Twitter profile

Steve Cadley

Steve Cadley specializes in sales performance, social media, and change management. His tweets are a mixture of motivational quotes and insightful articles on sales trends.

Follow @Salesologist

Ken Krogue Twitter profile

Ken Krogue

As founder of, Ken Krogue tweets about this topic alongside social selling, best practices for selling remotely, and general sales advice.

Follow @kenkrogue

Mike Austin Twitter profile

Miles Austin

As founder of sales consultancy Fill the Funnel, Miles Austin shares tips on the web-based tools and sales strategies that can improve business performance.

Follow @milesaustin

Geoffrey James Twitter profile

Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James is a sales blogger and speaker who is focused on B2B sales. His tweets focus on areas such as leadership, motivation, career tips, and must-read books.

Follow @sales_source

Mike Weinberg Twitter profile

Mike Weinberg

As a consultant, speaker, and author, Mike Weinberg is an expert in sales management. On Twitter, Mike shares articles covering areas such as sales prospecting and better engaging clients across multiple channels.

Follow @mike_weinberg

Ron Karr Twitter profile

Ron Karr

Speaker and business coach Ron Karr tweets about a wide range of business topics, including gamification, lead generation, talent development, and prospecting.

Follow @ronkarr


Lee Salz

Another sales management expert, Lee Salz tweets on topics such as sales enablement, client onboarding, and hiring.

Follow @SalesArchitects

Elinor Stutz Twitter profile

Elinor Stutz

As an author and consultant at a sales training company, Elinor Stutz provides advice on sales motivation, leadership, interview techniques, as well as the tools that can enable all this.

Follow @smoothsale


Barb Giamanco

Barb Giamanco is all about social selling. One of the key areas Barb focuses on in her tweets is building trust with your prospects and clients, as well as curating content from other industry experts.

Follow @Barb Giamanco

Which sales management experts do you follow?

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of sales experts so we’d love to know who you follow on Twitter and why. Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re looking for more information on sales trends, expert tips, case studies, and the tools and tech that can make this all happen, then check out our sales management blog.

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