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Shave hours off your software searches with the GetApp Scorecard tool

Finding the right software for your business just got a whole lot faster, thanks to an innovative new tool from GetApp that flips the software search on its head. We’re delighted to announce the release of the new GetApp Scorecard tool, which is designed to help you quickly match high-performing business apps with your company’s needs.


What is the GetApp Scorecard tool?

GetApp’s Scorecard tool helps you quickly create a shortlist of the apps that best match your feature requirements, and then provides a side-by-side comparison of the apps – a scorecard, if you will. There are Scorecards for a range of different software categories such as accounting, CRM, project management, and many more.

Why use GetApp Scorecards?

The GetApp Scorecard tool helps you avoid the tedious, long, and meticulous work of sorting through a raft of software options to find the right one for your business, especially when beginning your search. With dozens – often hundreds – of different products for each type of software out there, it can sometimes be virtually impossible to know where to start.

How does the GetApp Scorecard tool work?

We tried to make the GetApp Scorecard tool as easy as possible to help you match software to your needs.

1. Choose the Scorecard you need based on the type of software you’re looking for. You can view the list of current Scorecards here.

2. Select your criteria in terms of:

3. You’ll then be shown a list of the apps that best match your criteria – along with a % match score for each – and you can select the ones you wish to compare in the Scorecard. There are 25 apps displayed for each software category, which are pulled from GetApp’s independent Category Leaders ranking, which assesses and ranks software based on five different data points.

4. Once you’ve chosen the apps you want to compare from the list of matches your Scorecard will be generated, giving you a breakdown of the features of each of the apps side-by-side. You can then save the Scorecard to your GetApp profile, or share it with your team.

See our complete GetApp Scorecard tool user guide for a detailed walkthrough on how to use it.

Features of the GetApp Scorecard tool

Where to find the GetApp Scorecards

The GetApp Scorecards are available for several different software categories, and all are free to use. Go to our Scorecard Center to find the right tool for your needs.

When you’ve finished using the tool, we’d love to hear your feedback on your experience. Look for a pop-up form in the bottom right of the screen to submit your feedback, which will help us improve the Scorecards to make life even simpler for you!

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