The road to Rio for the 2016 Olympics in August is still littered with controversy and pitfalls. But there will be no such doom and gloom surrounding GetApp’s inaugural SaaS Summer Games 2016 – where the best cloud software apps for business will battle it out for medals, and where we’ll discover which countries produce the most successful SaaS apps.

You can be assured that no viruses will scupper the entrants into our SaaS Summer Games – in fact, by visiting software product profile pages on GetApp you can find out the security policies that the apps use to safeguard your data. We’re hoping for a clean competition without the threat of cheating – all of the top players in the cloud software world will be turning up for this one!

What is the SaaS Summer Games 2016 and how does it work?

The SaaS Summer Games will pit the top cloud business software solutions against each other, using average user ratings to determine who gets the medals in the following categories (or ‘events’, if you like).

To qualify for the Games, apps must appear in GetApp’s independent top 25 Category Leaders ranking, which you can view by clicking the links in the list above.

Besides challenging the apps in these categories to go for gold, we’ll also be dishing out team medals for the countries that produce the highest-rated SaaS apps. To do this we’ll look at user rating data from software in all 27 of our Category Leader rankings to determine the nations where the most popular apps come from.

What can you do to cheer on your favorite apps?

Since the SaaS Summer Games 2016 is based around users’ opinions of cloud software, you have the power to affect the results. Simply go to GetApp and leave a rating on your favorite apps for accounting, business intelligence, marketing automation, social media marketing, employee scheduling, or LMS. Feel free to add a review too, so you can tell the small business community how the app has helped you out.

If you don’t use applications in any of these six categories, don’t worry– you can still affect the result of the team competition by rating software in any of the 27 Category Leader categories. Your score will help to determine which countries will be flying their flags high and which will be heading home with nothing, based on the nations with the highest average user rating for the SaaS companies based there.

How can you find out the results?

Will the USA dominate the overall medal table as usual? Will any Russian software vendors come through? Just how many of Europe’s marketing apps will make the podium? All of these questions and more will be answered in mid-August when we’ll reveal the results of the SaaS Summer Games on the GetApp Lab.
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