Let’s be honest: no one likes the first week back at work in a new year. After weeks of eggnog and parties galore, getting back to the grind can be a shock – and surviving feels like an achievement.

But if you’re a small business owner, the holidays might not feel like one at all. Your work does not necessarily end while the rest of the world tunes out for a bit. You still have bills to pay, prospective deals to close, and email marketing campaigns to build.

Still, the silver lining of being “always on” is that the holidays – and following weeks – present a great chance to get ahead for the new year. It’s an opportune time to assess your achievements from the past year; set your small business’ annual objectives; and catch up on reading about small business technology trends that might impact those objectives.

To lend a hand, here are the GetApp Lab’s 10 most-viewed articles throughout last year.

These articles discuss some of the top small business technology trends of 2016, from the deaths of some apps (like Mailbox) to the births of others (like Workplace by Facebook). They share what millennials want from performance reviews and training tips to keep us engaged for the long haul. They explain how artificial intelligence (AI) will influence HR, and ask if customer service chatbots are full of “chit”.

The one trait that all these small business technology trends of 2016 share? We think they’ll remain relevant throughout 2017. Read on to learn what they are; then, ask how they apply to your own small business.

1. What millennials really want from performance reviews

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Three in four workers will be millennials by 2025. Are your HR practices prepared to meet their needs?

2. Can Workplace by Facebook, work?

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Workplace by Facebook – the social network’s answer to tools like Slack and Confluence – finally launched last year. But is this new social software a wise investment for your own small business?

3. Be a hero with inbox zero: 7 alternatives to Mailbox

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

The Mailbox app bid us adieu at the start of 2016. The good news? There are now more cloud-based email apps than ever before to help you manage that unwieldy inbox.

4. 20 tweetin’ project management experts you must follow in 2016

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Bite-sized bits of wisdom a la Twitter can be a surprisingly strong resource for project managers. Here’s our list of PM experts whom you should follow into 2017.

5. 3 training tips to engage millennials

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

A millennial employee’s average tenure clocks in at just two years – and replacing them can cost your small business about one-fifth of each lost millennial’s salary. Here’s how to avoid both conundrums.

6. The 13 blogging tools that made me a better writer

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

From ever-changing SEO strategies to never-ending competition, the blogging struggle is very real. Here’s how the right toolkit helped one writer up her game.

7. Sales trends report 2016: Why your sales strategy is broken and how to fix it

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Did you know that nearly 90 percent of salespeople have increased their revenue by using sales software? Read the full report to learn why – and which other sales trends we found.

8. AI, recruitment marketing, and chatbots: top HR trends for 2017

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Predictive analytics? Recruitment marketing? Our interviews with eight HR experts explained how these – and other emerging tech trends – might improve your small business’ HR this year.

9. Are customer service chatbots full of chit?

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for CRM showed that using chatbots to manage customer service is on the rise. But how do these chatbots actually work? And – most importantly – do your customers want to use them?

10. Shameless shares, pointless posts, wishy-washy word counts: Content marketing in 2016

Top 10 small business technology trends of 2016

Are you sick of the content marketing tidal wave? So are we. Here’s why we think our own discipline needs to improve – and how you can make your small business’ content marketing stand out from the rest.